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3.5 years, 197 casual shifts and 494 bottles of red wine was all it took for Amelie Peters to realise that the #retaillyf was not for her. Was it the anxiety inducing irregular work hours? Was it the painfully predictable loyalty card pitch? Or was it just Karen? If you’ve done a Sunday morning shift with a shocking hangover, had locked jaw from that patronising retail grin or wanted to flip your monthly sales goals the finger, then this show is for you! And If you haven’t, come join Amelie Peters for an educational pity party that celebrates and commiserates the realities of the retail life. 

Hear Cabaret diva Amelie Peters sing up a storm sharing the undisclosed secrets from the store room. Through a mixture of perfectly pitched parodies, cracking covers and her own originals. You’ll definitely laugh, possibly cry and go home with a new found appreciation for your everyday retail worker. 

Because lets face it, shit’s getting retail.

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